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    University Sponsors

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernst M. Schmachtenberg (Rector of the RWTH Aachen):

    We support Siemens‘ „Global University Challenge“ and hope that many brilliant students of RWTH Aachen grasp this chance to interact closely with industry experts in the challenging field of digitalization. I wish good luck and fun to the RWTH Aachen students!

    Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen (President of Technische Universität Berlin):

    By developing real-life solutions for this years’ Siemens Global University Challenge TU Berlin’s students learn to work in interdisciplinary and international teams - an important skill for their future career! I am looking forward to innovative elaborations from around the world and an exciting competition!

    Prof. Oliver Günther, Ph.D. (President of Universität Potsdam):

    Cooperations between academia and industry have to be judged mainly on how they benefit society. The Siemens Global University Challenge encourages our students to think out of the box, to work in international and cross-disciplinary teams. These are crucial qualifications for designing our future in a complex global environment. The University of Potsdam is glad to be part of this initiative.

    Dr. A. Dale Whittaker (Provost and Executive Vice President of the University of Central Florida):

    I fully support the University of Central Florida’s participation in Siemens’ new “Global University Challenge.” Our engineering students are among the most innovative in the world, focusing on new solutions to solving real-world problems with disruptive technologies. UCF is fortunate to have a history and preferred partnership with Siemens that has produced scientific knowledge and innovation in power generation, aviation and space. Participating in this competition will further enrich our partnership and our students’ experiences. I wish them luck!

    Prof. Erik H. Schlie, Ph.D. (Associate Dean, IE Business School):

    The „Global University Challenge“ initiated by Siemens embraces a unique open innovation approach that will foster collaboration and iterative ideation processes among engineering and business students, as well as feedback from industry experts, in order to challenge our conventional thinking in the ever more important field of digitalization. I trust that the MBA students at IE Business School will be able to complement the technical aspects of the challenge with their business acumen and sound understanding of business drivers. Good luck with the GUC and do enjoy this real-life immersion experience with a leading global technology player!

    Prof. Zhongqin Lin (Deputy President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University):

    Siemens’ Global University Challenge serves as a great platform for SJTU students to enhance their hands-on experiences with industry experts as well as improve their inter-cultural capabilities with teams from different parts of the world. Hope SJTU students good luck and enjoy the challenge!