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    Where do I post my idea?

    Click on the "Post idea" buttons located on different pages on the portal and complete the form. You must be a registered user to post an idea. 

    What happens next?

    Your idea will be posted to the "View ideas" page for the community to read, comment and vote.

    How do I edit my idea?

    If you need to edit the idea, go to your idea and click the “edit” button at the top. This will take you to the form that will give you an opportunity to amend your idea.


    How do I post comments?

    Read ideas by clicking on "View ideas" on the navigation bar. Add to the discussion by commenting on individual ideas. The goal of commenting is to help improve the idea. Please be candid, courteous and respectful in your comments.

    How do I share my idea?

    Invite other registered students to join the conversation on your idea by clicking "Share."

    How do I sort the ideas?

    On the "View ideas" page, use the "Search ideas" box or click "Advanced Search." You may also sort the ideas by "Modified Date," "Post Date" and "Number of votes" using the pull-down menu just below the "Search" box.

    Vote & Review

    How do I vote?

    Vote on ideas you like best to help them elevate through the stages. You can vote on ideas on the "view ideas" page, or after clicking on the idea title. Just click the thumbs-up button to support the idea.

    Who are the Experts?

    Experts are Siemens technology managers selected to provide insight connected to the specific topics the contest aims to solve.


    How are winning ideas selected?

    The finalists are selected based on the selection criteria (see the FAQ) by the Siemens Experts.

    My idea was picked, now what?

    Congratulations! If your idea is selected you will be invited to attend the next phase of the challenge and receive training to support the refinement and visualization your idea. Siemens Experts are excited to select the worldwide winners and Hackathon participants in order to further develop your idea into an industrial prototype.