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    Enabling the Digital Twin

    A key aspect in future industry is the availability of a digital representation of machines, components or manufacturing processes. That is the so called 'digital twin'. With a digital twin, manufacturers are able to use the power of digitalization to achieve improved efficiency and quality. This approach helps ensuring customers operating assets, optimizing machine design, straightforward commissioning, short change-over times, and smooth operation.
    The digital twins facilitate the comparison between the designed and manufactured part or production process. Digital twins are enablers for e.g. production process optimizations, probabilistic design methods, or even new business models.

    Technical View - Creating Data for the Digital Twin

    The digital twin becomes a virtual representation of the physical product as they go hand in hand through the manufacturing process. This can only be achieved when the product and its digital twin are continuously linked with each other. Measurements and data acquisition methods are the key to gather information for the digital twin and ensure product quality. Today the results of the measurements and data acquisition methods have to be mainly manually processed.

    This leads us to the following question: How to design the measurement and data acquisition methods to seamlessly enable the digital twin? 

    We are looking for new ideas on digitalized and automated methods to get digital data in the following fields:

    • Dimensional measurement of components
    • Surface roughness and waviness
    • Surface and near-surface defects, such as cracks or delaminations
    • Internal material defects, e.g. cavities or porosities
    • Material and surface properties
    • Measurement controlled machining processes
    • Application of inspection technologies and non-destructive testing 

    Business View: Creating Value for the Digital Twin

    Every measurement or data acquisition method is a cost driver of the final product. Thus, we are looking for new ideas to gain benefit with business potential from measurement and resulting data – the gold of today.

    This leads us to the following question: How to build business drivers around the digital twin?

    As in a consultant assignment, leverage your cost accounting skills and creativity to demonstrate your capabilities and technical understanding.

    We are looking for new business ideas which address the following:

    • Optimize costs, time and benefits by streamlining the measurement process
    • Increase customer value by additionally generated data
    • Create additional manufacturer's benefit with the measured data
    • Identify additional business drivers required for using the digital twin